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by user on Wed, May 09 '18 12:53 PM

Seenzone If they're leaving your messages on "seen" for several times already, stop bugging those people anymore. Can't take the hint? They've seen your messages already yet they're still on "Active now", but they didn't bother to make atleast a four to five letter reply because they don't want to talk to you. They chose to ignore your messages,-- they chose to ignore you. Don't take yourself that low. Eliminating those people in your life is easier than gaining back your self-respect and confidence. Don't push yourself to a person who never likes you, or doesn't like you anymore.
by Devon Oppenheimer on Wed, May 09 '18 12:53 PM

Sometimes people are busy. They check out what you have written quickly and bounce back to what they are doing with the intention of getting back to you later. I wouldn't necessarily jump to conclusions when this happens, dear.
by Dipak Kathayat on Wed, May 09 '18 12:53 PM

really true