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SEO can be a long process. Some of our customers feel the need to succeed. In fact, to do this there should be a long way to accomplish your goal. Why? Because they like the promise rather than the performance.


Seo Processes Seo Expert Kaspar Szymanski has compared SEO with exercise - and that's a great analogy.

There are no shortcuts to manipulating the game unless you agree to serious health risks. You need a plan and stick with it. That means exercising, eating properly and motivating oneself to constantly improve in a natural way. Therefore, I am quite surprised to see some of my big customers impatient with the SEO process.
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SEO is a process that requires patience and strategy, it gives you promise about new traffic, leads, sales and growth.

1. Audit

Process Our

process always starts with technical audit or content audit.


Audit Techniques that examine every factor on the web can affect your SEO performance . One of the most important factors of all these factors is speed. I have seen many large referral video sites on the homepage take too long to load. What is the result? You have a high bounce rate and have lost a potential customer or customer. Audit techniqueDo it at a deep level and take several weeks to complete depending on what happens to the site.

Content Audit

If you have a large website with thousands of content pages, then you definitely need to perform content auditing. When you can determine what content you should remove, reuse or rewrite your content. You will see reduced traffic but that's the idea to remove irrelevant traffic.

Over time, you can write about topics that drive traffic, but those visitors do not convert into customers. Content auditing ensures that all of your content is relevant to your target audience. And when Google indexWith all new content and enhanced content, you'll see more conversions.


By going through the technical audit trail, content auditing or both, you will have a complete understanding of what needs to be overcome to rank well in natural search. However, this is only the first step, but the first step can sometimes be the most difficult.

SEO Techniques


When it comes to SEO techniques, there are a lot of things to think about including:

- index status
- budget collection
- collection errors
- internal links
- sitemaps
- site speed / page
- Redirect
- The broken links

Fixing anything in this list will not help you. You have to improve everything. Everything must work together.

A home should have a foundation, a water system, a wall and a roof. If you do not have all these things, you will not have a home, you just have the shell.

This is also true of SEO techniques . You need to get all of these elements in order to have a website optimized.


If you increase the speed and functionality of a website and webpage then you can also increase the number of conversions. Based on the findings while audit SEO techniques we have made the fixes for a website in the brewing industry. After fixing all bugs, the company saw a 1,100% increase in traffic. That is the SEO technique promise.

3. Keyword Research

The Keyword

Research process is still extremely useful. You need to understand how people search, what people search for, and how search engines use keywords to deliver results.


As I explained, keyword research helps you discover which keywords are most valuable to you.

Optimizing your content around high-value keywords will bring you to your potential customers or customers when they need you most.

If people can not find you when they are looking for a service or product you offer then they can not buy yours.

4. Demographic Location


Whether you are doing SEO for a local business or a customer in a particular area, you know the importance of locality.

Like personas buyers, you need to understand how people search for local businesses and service providers and who they are.

That means you need to make sure you have the correct NAP (name / address / phone) information and content referring to your business area, whether it's area or city or area. Neighborhoods.

Claim and optimize your Google My Business listings.


Your website should talk to your potential customers. Make sure you speak their language.

Google also rewards webpages based on factors such as relevance, distance, and prominence. The more accurate the signals and data you provide to Google, the better you rank.

5. Content Strategy


You need a content strategy. The following strategy worked for many of my clients:

- Basic content: This is your core content targeting your main keywords and topics. Create content about your service or product (keyword "money"). You can further enhance this content by writing about other related services and products you offer and any related keywords.

- FAQ: Create pages that answer common questions your audience may request using Google. Make sure it has a SEO friendly URL, you use breadcrumbs, and it's more comprehensive than any other site.

- Content authority: Allows your customers to create content that demonstrates their expertise and authenticity.

- User Experience: Think about how to improve your content (e.g., using images), navigating your site (for example, links to other relevant pages on your site ) and CTA (e.g., free consultation, appointment, content download).


Create content with the intent of attracting the people you want to become customers or your customers.

Help people easily understand who you are, what you offer and find exactly what they are looking for.

You will be rewarded with more leads and conversions!

6. Write and edit content


Your customers may want to write their own content or they may want you to do it.

No matter what, the content should still be optimized. Always think about the audience or personas but do not ignore the best SEO practices. You want to write content that people will interact with and share (and Google will index and reward you with great rankings).

Finally, it's about moving people to a switch.

Content is how you build and demonstrate authority, relevance and your beliefs.

Well-written and well-edited content will be read again. On the other hand, poorly written content and poor editing will do the opposite - it will send them to your competitors.

7. Ranking


OK, you can not control Google or any search engine.

However, you can fully understand how search algorithms work (and specifically how Google algorithms work).

Do well the following points you will see the success of SEO.

- Know your audience
- Create great content for your audience.

- Provide a great website experience for your audience.


If you do everything you can to optimize your website and branding, and provide quality products or services, then you will receive a worthy reward from the search engine.

In a nutshell,

you have to follow a process to get where you want to go.

You must have a plan and work to achieve your goals. Hope is not an SEO strategy.

Instead, let SEO become your GPS location and get you exactly where you want it.

To get the promise, you have to go through this process.

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