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The Role of Online Marketing for Business 

The current trend of globalization together with the strong development of e-commerce activities makes the online marketing service becoming increasingly meaningful and important than ever. . This is an effective, free or cost effective tool that helps to create the attraction from the "social proof" crowd effect that makes the public aware of the business name as well as the sympathy of the brand of the business. karma 

Therefore, to stand firm in the business market, businesses today can not do not implement marketing campaigns, especially Marketing Online . 

Figures have shown the world is gradually "flat" and "virtual"

At present, there are over 90% of Internet users and over 70% of internet users go to the Internet for information. 88% of US economic activity is online every day and 77% of them receive online news. News from Yahoo !, Google has the largest online audience in the world today, even more than CNN or BBC. That is not to mention other news sites, newspapers in each country, region. Updating the news to the "virtual world" is faster and more effective than printing paper.

30 years ago, more than 60% of young people often read a daily newspaper, but now their choice for finding read the news is the Internet. In early 2001 more than 60% of respondents in a survey by Lyra's content research team chose the internet for their personal and specialized information needs, compared to 18% for journals. When searching for job-related information, 48% of the respondents chose the internet, and only 7 percent preferred printing. 


- Television: Sharing television has decreased by one-third the number of viewers since 1985. 

- Radio: The percentage of listeners is very low. 

- Newspapers: Newspapers peaked in 1987, and are declining rapidly.

According to a survey, 34% of shoppers said the network business made important shopping steps, such as order, confirmation, tracking, and delivery, faster and more certain than before. Because of the powerful impact of online marketing, big bosses are willing to spend a great deal on it. Typically they spend 50% of the total value of products for marketing in general and 30% of them for Marketing Online.

The world is getting more and more flat as every way of communicating to entertainment needs lies in the hands of the people. Obviously, just a smartphone, or a compact tablet, everyone can connect, chat or share information wherever they are. Along with the amount of information "poured" on the Internet spiked every second, online searches up to millions of visitors each day, the time people spend on blogs, social networks, entertainment channels more than the time. To live in a "flat" and "virtual" world, businesses will "die" if they do not do Marketing Online. 

Online marketing is the trend because the time has to be like that! 

First of all, understand that Online Marketingis a combination of marketing activities that use the Internet, can be divided into the basic areas: SEM / SEO, SMS marketing , Email marketing , Social Media , .... Often, businesses will combine many marketing services online to bring the highest communication efficiency. Or just one tool, small and medium enterprises can also do successful Online Marketing , depending on the purpose and strategy must be appropriate and wise. Even according to the current general trend, individuals can also use social media channelsto promote the brand and its products. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest ... are ideal environments for both individual and corporate businesses. For small business individuals, the question they ask is why they have to open a store with expensive premises, utilities, hiring costs and loads of other costs, while paying Full online business. And of course, this also makes social media advertising more exciting than ever.