by user on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

πŸŒ… 🌈 Who is richer than Bill Gates? Someone asked Bill Gates, Is there any person richer than you? He said, yes, only one. Many years ago, I had been dismissal and I had gone to New York airport. I read titles of newspapers there. I liked one of them and I want to buy it. But I didn't have change (coin). I abandoned, suddenly, a black boy called me and told, β€œThis newspaper for you.” I said, but I don’t have change. He said, β€œNo problem, I give you free”. After 3 months, I went there. Coincidentally, that story happened again and that same boy gave another free newspaper again. I said, I can’t accept. But he said, β€œI give you from my profit.” After 19 years, I had been rich and I decided to find that boy. I found him after one and half months searching. I asked him, do you know me? He said, β€œYes, you’re famous Bill Gates.” I said, you gave me free newspaper in 2 times many years ago. Now, I want to compensate it. I am going to give you everything that you want. Black young man replied, β€œYou can’t compensate it!”
I said, why? He said, "Because I gave you when I was poor. You want to give me when you are rich. So, how do you compensate?" Bill Gates said, I think that black young man is richer than me. You don't have to be rich or wait to be rich to give, πŸ‘ πŸ™ πŸ’ βœ… πŸ˜‡
by Kham Haang Ale on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

Story touched me deeply.
by Durga Prasad Bhattacharya on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

How great mind was that boy ? A heart touching story for us.
by Novy Irmawati on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

We will die with nothing anyway.
by Danmusa Hussaini Hussdam on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

the story is telling us that we should give out no matter how little it is
by Sulis Rini on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

Inspiring story, thanks 😊
by Govinda Rajbanshi on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

The boy was with wealthy heart whereas Bill Gates is known as the richest man by his earnings.
by Sukma Sukmala on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

Very touching and inspiring story.
by Sue Acquisto on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

What a great
by Tshering Dukpa Museff on Wed, May 09 '18 12:37 PM

One thing I have observed in my life, the richer the people the poorer they are. Is my sentence correct teacher? In fact, it is my self made sentence, from the idiom: the sooner, the better. Sorry teacher, if I am wrong