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Hello everyone, "A warm welcome to all new members. " Who are enthusiastic and aspiring to learn English as well as writing skills fluently. This group is aimed to improve english &grammar vocabularies, which will surely help us in all academic& professional life. Please feel free and don't hesitate to ask questions and answers pertaining to english and its usage.
As we all are here to learn English from each other. ☆Please follow the group rules ☆
1) Please consider ELC as your home. 2) Communicating in other languages is not allowed except english. 3) Communicating on topics of religions or politics is not allowed. 4) Sharing redundant posts such as chitchat, pictures and other irrelevant materials are not allowed. 5) Sharing links of any other groups, pages or websites is not allowed. 6) Sharing porn vides, pictures, nudity and comment about sex in this group is banned permanently without any warning. 7)posts of Advertisements, promotions and add me, give me your Whatsap number, give me your Skype ID etc, etc are not allowed. 8) The one who violate the group rules, He /She will be blocked permanently without any warning. 9) Give respect to all admins and other members.
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Thanks, dear sweet