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It will be very shocking if you wake up in the morning a series of keywords disappear, the word slope not brake. What should I do? When the amount of work is tending to pour into the river, feeling frustrated and deadlock 

Do not be too pessimistic, in front of you to calm down, seo determination will be repeatedly bruised by Google , so it is normal. It is important to find the right solution to push the keyword back to the top, bring it back to its original rank. 

With many seo years experience, @tdhcom recommends the following solutions to your keyword back to top

Step 1 Detect what is causing the top drop keywords, this is a very important step, you catch the disease, you know how to exact medicine for patients, know the cause to know how to Overcoming 

the main causes leading to the drop includes:

  • Copy content
  • Use post software
  • Use spinning software to stir the content
  • Spam links on the forums
  • Use link building software on forums
  • Too many bad quality backlink
  • Imbalance between content and backlink
  • Use virtual viewer software
  • Competitors do better

Step 2: After detecting the cause and then trying to overcome, depending on what the cause will be the way to overcome the 

most common way to overcome will be.

  • Add new content of self-writing, writing more content
  • Add high quality backlinks from reputable sites
  • Buy Google ads or FB earn traffic to support keywords
  • Actively participate in social networks to earn views
  • Join forums for free traffic
  • Stop using SEO software

Step 3: After one of the above actions, will closely monitor the fluctuation of the keyword, if the keyword is up again or positive signal, it means that you properly and continue to search. Remove the drug to completely stop, if about a few weeks that the keyword has not budged, then the probability of false detection, the wrong method, then back to step 1 probe properly and proceed in sequence 

Good luck!