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Actually the secret to seo is ... no secret at all, depending on your own ability and effort. SEO is no longer the concept of leisure that you have to work every day. Seo formula is not too high, more than each other is finding the right direction, have meticulous planning, work hard every day.

For successful seo to consist of 2 stages, preparation and implementation, some of you think that just plowing so much to the top, that's right but not enough. It's really important to work hard, but the preparatory work is just as important.

Things to prepare

- Opposite the opponent: analyze their website, see where the strengths are their weaknesses, how they are onpage, what is worth learning. How do they arrange and insert internal links, insert tags and layout ...

- Self-examination: review your website is missing what, the strengths of the opponent's weaknesses need to improve themselves: content, backlinks, user experience

- Use other analytical tools to compare your website and your competitors' websites: backlink, keyword ranking, index number, index speed ... from there to know What to do to get ahead

The next step is to conduct keyword analysis.

- List key words to seo, do not be too rampant seo keywords are not right focus, not related to the product you are looking for. sell

- Choose the right keywords for you, do not choose too hot keywords many people seo while your martial arts have not reached the level of deep

- For keyword analysis, appropriate you need to consider the following factors. : search volume, how many people search for this keyword? The Can the customer buy a product that is high or low? The the current rank of that keyword from the competitors and whether you are likely to surpass them or not?

- Set the internal link rate to match, you usually put about 3 internal links for 1 article.

You should also set up a specific seo plan, which:

- Perform onpage: tittile, meta, url, H1 , H2 ...

- Analyze opponents: who are their main competitors, their keyword positions

- Content: what to focus on most

- Backlink, looking for quality backlink source, where should link at the site.

- Plan to attract more traffic sources to increase the trust of the site: buy ads, earn traffic from the sharing of good posts. Your website ...

- Through Google Anaylytics to gradually evaluate the work efficiency, then build the next

plow plan :

plow the content

- Every day you should write at least 2-3 new posts, Do not copy or frisk it again, if there is a copy, just copy the idea and the content inside you should think of writing.

Should pay attention to diversify the content, for example you sell water purifier, in addition to information about products, features, prices, there should be useful articles to guide users, share the shopping experience and Use the product, recommendations needed ... .Users like this type of article

- Every day you should list some new ideas to write articles, then put into the store for ideas to use gradually


Plow backlink

- Backlink is more difficult than content, because the content is self-produced, even copy and then correct, but backlink can not produce. Every one of you should find a source backlink for their own, especially quality note because now Penguin algorithm is hitting bad backlink quality, as many poor quality link down the top.

- If you can not find the source then buy backlink is also. However, I note that the purchase of backlink must ensure two conditions: first backlink that is natural and not violate the Google rules to ensure that you will not be penalized, second backlink that must be true quality. The bad quality backlink only harm your website.

- What is backlink quality and method of link to top sustainable you can read here:  
- How to go safely and without penalty: you can read Here are  

- The errors to avoid when link: you can read here.  

Cay social network

- Tips: social plow no longer so simple You have to be smart and share the link to a reasonable level to increase the level of interaction.

- Does social networking contribute to the top of the keyword? The answer is yes but not much, the impact of social networking as well as traffic still behind the content and backlink

- If the time of 2013 only need to shoot a series of G + can be on the top now the G + spam to the top has not much effect. Google recognizes that G + is a social network, not a place where spammers get to the top so they tighten up, resulting in less and less effective G +. Facebook too, the message is clear: Facebook is the social network to share personal views are not where spam links, free website advertising. The fanpage to advertise websites increasingly low level of interactivity, the rate of reach less pathetic and visit less and less. After all, G + or Facebook is capitalist thinking, with capitalism you do not expect anything long free, there will be no free talk for you.

So the core of seo is still mainly about content and backlinks, we do not have to do well these two seo, and the combination of content and backlink to the top always need to find creative. Always change to adapt to new ones.

One of the basic principles of seo to achieve success is the 8/2 principle that you can contemplate and apply.

1. 80% backlink poor quality lost 20% backlink quality, 80% of the time Spam spam is only 20% effective.
2. 20% of keywords which totals 80% of the search
3. Determinants of 20% to 80% of your website ranking
4. 20% of the site you decide to 80% of revenue
5. 20% backlink quality Quantity will determine 80% success rate
6. 80% of the website's content comes from the content and 20% comes from the link spam.
7. 80% of the time for seo offpage and 20% for the onpage
8. 20% of the time for the plan, the decisive strategy. % efficiency and success in a

nutshell Briefly: Prepare everything thoroughly, work with all your passion, hard work and progress, before you will also be picking sweet fruit

Wish you success !

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